International Award

As a registered International Award Center we look forward to supporting you on your International Award journey!

For more information on the award, please go to:


You lead the way, selecting the areas you are interested in to work towards your Skills, Service and Physical sections of the IA.  Fill in your own Online Record Book logbook and you can count on our support as you work towards your goals.


 Physical: Participate in sport and other physical recreation for the improvement of health, fitness and wellbeing.



  Voluntary Service: Volunteer and experience the benefits that this provides others in the community.



  Skills: Encourages the development of personal interests, creativity or practical skills.


Train for, practice and then achieve your adventous journey as part of a team of Brussels Explorers.  

We facilititate our own Bronze and Silver expeditions each year, and join up with other BSO groups  to offer a challenging and quality gold expedition.

July 2022 saw Bronze and Silver teams travelling out to Koblenz, Germany to complete their expeditions on the hiking trails in the surrounding valleys and forests.


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