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If you’re between 6 and 18 and you attend an English-speaking school or have English mother tongue (ie. speak English at home with at least one parent) then you may enjoy Scouting with us. We usually take new members at the start of each school term and we operate a list for those wishing to join.

We don’t currently have a Squirrels section (4-5 years) but hope to open one in 2022.
If you are interested in helping set that up please get in touch!   If you are 6- 13 we can usually offer a place fairly quickly although it does depend which evening you wish to join.

Our meetings take place on weekday evenings during term-time in the Tervuren area. If this is not feasible for you please don’t sign up here!

Follow the links to sign up for  Central Brussels meetings ( ACE school Auderghem)  or  1st Waterloo ( at St John’s School and ISF Waterloo)  There is also a British Group at SHAPE.  Please check your travel times, as sometimes it takes a shorter time to get to a different venue although you are travelling further. You may get a place in scouting more quickly if you are flexible.

NO British groups in Belgium currently offer regular weekend meetings.

You can contact us to join the waiting list using the linked form below.

Waiting List

If you would like your child (age 3+ only) to be added to the joining list, please follow this link to a secure database

  • This will take you to a secure online form which collects the initial details all scout groups need and automatically adds you to the  list.   We need a lot of these details to sort out insurance for the first meeting!
  • You will get an email by return with a link to fill in a few additional items which are specific to us- like whether your child speaks English!
  • If you don’t receive a mail this may have gone to your spam – please check
  • IF you have mis-typed your child’s date of birth you won’t be able to access the linked page. In that case let us know and we will correct it.  That  is a safety feature to prevent unauthorized people accessing your child’s information. Only the child’s parents & cleared adults involved with managing the waiting list have this access.

The details collected here will only be used in connection with joining 1st Brussels or our neighbouring scout groups, and you can ask for it to be removed from our list at any time. You can find full details about our privacy policy on our resources page

The uniform comprises a Squirrel, Beaver or Cub sweatshirt  or a Scout shirt  and these can be bought locally. All Parents attending overnight camps and all regular adult helpers and leaders have to follow the UK Scouting rules and are required to comply with safeguarding procedures.

The fun doesn’t stop when you turn 18!!

Scout Network for ages 18-25 is the final youth section of the movement and allows young adults to continue working towards Scouting awards. They meet as and when its convenient for the members rather than every week. It’s also a good way maintain links with friends from the group when they go away to study and are then able to join in with scouting both at home and abroad. Please contact us for details. There are plenty of opportunities for other adults too please have a look at the Scouting for Adults page.