Camping, cooking on campfires,making things, sailing, orienteering, cycling, hiking, singing songs, playing conkers … Scouting at 1st Brussels is all these things, and more. We call this everyday adventure: our young people just call it fun.  If you would like to add your child’s details to the waiting list click on Join in.

To provide everyday adventure to young people we need adult volunteers.  There are lots of flexible volunteering opportunities to suit you and your needs, whatever the amount of time you have to give, click on Adults to see how you can help.

Scouting welcomes both boys and girls.

We are members of the British Scouts Overseas (BSO) and follow the same programme as groups in the UK.  In addition we are affiliated with the Belgian scouting organisation FOS Open Scouting (as Eenheid 111°).

We have around 120 members of all ages and strong links with the Brussels Explorer unit.

We meet in the Tervuren area but there are also British Scout groups at Waterloo and SHAPE near Mons.  If you live in one of the central communes like Ixelles or Etterbeek  the Central Brussels  group is probably the closest. There are a number of other expat scout groups which deliver scouting in their mother tongues.

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