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Take a quick look at our Frequently asked Questions list (just below the contact details) – we may have an answer for you all ready and waiting.

How can you contact us ?

To contact us about joining Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts: use our contact form on the Join in page.

To contact us about joining Explorers: email us at

To contact us about the group or how you can help as an adult: email us at

For website related matters: email us at

Frequently asked Questions.

I don’t understand the age ranges of the sections – how does that work?

We have 5 sections…

  • Beaver Scouts for 6 – 8 year olds; for more details look at our Beavers page.
  • Cub Scouts for 8 –10 ½ year olds;  for more details look at our Cubs page.
  • Scouts for 10 ½ – 14 year olds;  for more details look at our Scouts page.
  • Explorer Scouts for 14 -18 year olds; you are never going to guess, oh you did – it’s the Explorer Scouts page.
  • Network for 18 – 25 year olds;  – check out the Adults in Scouting  page.

We are a Scout group visiting Belgium, can you help us with some local knowledge ?

We have added the local campsite and activity centre websites on our Resources page, their staff speak English, so please feel free to contact them directly. We also wrote an article that you might find useful.

I am a 1st Brussels parent, where can I get a spare copy of a camp form etc. ?

They are in the members resources section which you can access on the main Resources page.

I would like to add my son or daughter to the waiting list, but I have a few specific questions first.

The best thing to do is use the form on the Join in page and add your question to the comments box.

Are there any other British Scout groups in Belgium, I don’t really live that near Tervuren.

Yes, you should definitely look for your nearest group, they are all very good. There are links on our resources page

I would like to help and be involved in some way; but I am not sure how, or if I have the skills.

Great, it’s people like you that make all this happen. Have a little look at the Adults in Scouting page, and then contact our Group Scout Leader by email at

How do I keep right up to date with the exciting activites at 1st Brussels

You are wise indeed to ask such a question. The options we can think of are;

  • Stop by the website often 🙂
  • RSS: If you use an RSS reader you can get all of our latest updates sent to you by subscribing to our RSS Feed.

Why are you called 1st Brussels but you are based near Tervuren ?

Aren’t you the pedant! 1st Brussels has a long history; we have records that date back to 1924 and for the first 50+ years our meeting place was in Brussels. We now meet East of Brussels in Tervuren, but didn’t want to change our traditional name.

Do you have a Child safety policy?

Yes, and all adults attending overnight camps and all regular adult helpers and leaders follow the UK Scouting rules and are required to have up to date clearances. We also follow Scout association policies with regard to safety during activities including risk assessments, ratios of adults to children etc.

When and where do your meetings take place ?

Our meetings take place on weekdays during term-time in the Tervuren area.

For further details contact us via the Join In page.


Do you wear a uniform ? how much does it cost?

The uniform comprises a Beaver or Cub sweatshirt at approx  €15 or a Scout shirt at €26 and a Group t-shirt at €10 and these can be ordered locally via our Scout Group uniform coordinator.

Count me in; where do I sign up ?

To add your child to the waiting list head over to the Join in page.

My son or daughter has just joined scouts, what do I need to know?

Don’t panic! You will be able to find out all the information you need by;

  • Browsing the 1st Brussels website for information on our recent activities and each section.
  • Browsing the UK Scout Association mini site for parents.
  • Talking to your Beaver, Cub or Scout Leader.
  • you will be sent up to date information on fees, uniforms etc shortly after you join.  We will also pass on the passwords for the photo gallery and members resources

Can I try scouting out before deciding to join?

Yes.  Once we have offered you a place you have up to 28 days from the start date we gave, to visit the section and decide whether you like scouting before being invested. During this period you are covered by free insurance for weekly meetings but not overnight events. If you stay longer or attend an overnight, the insurance fee is due and we will ask you to pay whatever fees the group has incurred, even if you decide later to leave. Most young people do stay!