There are lots of opportunities for those aged 18 and over:

  • Young adults aged 18 to 25 can join Scout Network
  • We always need enthusiastic and talented people to be new leaders, assistants and helpers. Why not try the role out first?
  • If you have less time perhaps you can give us practical help as part of Scout Active Support or join our Executive Committee to support the administration of the group

We’d love to talk to you about your role in scouting, drop an email to our Group Scout Leader at

Leaders, assistants and helpers

Leaders can be any age from 18, we don’t have an upper age limit. You don’t necessarily need scouting experience, but you do need to like working with young people and have a sense of fun. You don’t have to be British either, we have a real mix of nationalities but both young people and adults need to speak reasonable English. It is a great hobby and can range from helping out for a couple of hours a week to a lot more if you wish. Training is available to all those becoming uniformed leaders. If you can’t commit to training you can still help in other ways.   All our leaders are volunteers we don’t offer any personal allowances or transport costs, but we do pay for scout training courses and for materials used in meetings.

Scout Active Support

Are you an adult who likes to help out but can’t commit to regular meetings or training? Scouting encompasses the whole family and we want to make sure you are welcome here in 1st Brussels. Scout Active Support may be the place for you; for example cooking for the Cub Camp, or an extra voice at a camp fire. You may even have a special skill that you can share such as canoeing, archery etc, or can help make and mend equipment; the opportunities are endless.

Executive Committee

Parents who would like to help in a more administrative role can also join the Group Executive which organises things like the fundraising, administration and equipment for the whole group. This involves about 6 executive meetings a year and is a great way to support the group.

Scout Network

The Scout Network is the final youth section for 18-25 year olds, leaders in this age range are automatically members.  Network is flexible and once you are a member in Northern Europe you are automatically a member of Network across the UK.  If you go away to study you can still be a member of BSO Network but catch up with friends when back here. You can contact us via