September 2020- wanting to Join?

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We already have over 20 new young people and several adults joining us this year to experience the fun of scouting.  It’s still a little different due to Covid- and we are waiting to see if it is possible to meet face to face. We want to be sure that we have all the correct procedures in place and that we don’t put anyone at a high risk of catching the virus, or being a contact leading to quarantine and missing school or work.

Scouting is known for teamwork, outdoor adventure  and service.. and where possible we’ll be encouraging that, but without large gatherings or camps right now.

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That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun- a lot of young people made dens or pitched tents at home last spring, and had cookouts with their parents.

So we’ll be following all applicable rules, and probably offering a mixture of virtual meetings and things to do at home and some outdoor meetings. Before any face to face meetings you will receive information about the covid procedures and a form to sign, in addition to the normal instructions.

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Sign up on our joining in page– whether it is for now or for later.

We have a few spaces left in Thursday cubs and Friday scouts, so if you are between 8 and 13 and would like to join us, please sign up quickly and maybe you can start this term. It may take a little longer for our other sections, but people come and go in expat groups, so you should get an offer this school year.

We also have space in Beavers (6-7 yrs) on Fridays BUT Sarah our Beaver leader needs some adult assistance before we can fill those places. Adult help is also  very welcome in other sections. Volunteering is one way of ensuring there is space for your child, while also helping other families!

If you aren’t sure about what being a leader/helper means the Scout Association website has lots of info. and you are welcome to contact us.

Here are a few questions people ask.

Do I need a scouting/guiding background to become a leader or assistant?

No! Obviously if you have got experience in a youth movement it is very helpful, but most of our leaders are parents who have learnt on the job.

Do I have to be British/mother tongue English?

No. We have leaders and members of many different nationalities, which contributes to the international feel of our group. For safety reasons you do need a sufficient standard of English to be able to understand and give (or understand) clear instructions.

What age range are your leaders?

Leaders can be any age from 18 upwards. Most of our leaders are parents, but younger people are very welcome to join us. We do have explorer scouts (14-18) who volunteer as young leaders in some sections, but they always work under adult supervision.

How much time will it take?

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That depends on you! If you’re helping in meetings it will take that much time, plus whatever time you take to train or prepare… but be warned scouting is addictive, and like any hobby you love, it will take as much time as you allow it to!

If I become a leader/ assistant what help is available?

  • There is a wealth of materials online and resources published by scouting which can provide the framework for weekly activities.
  • There is online training available and some local practical courses to help you in your role. Some of the training is compulsory but you are given plenty of time and opportunity to complete this.
  • Normally there are a number of joint camps and other events which you and your section would be invited to join.
  • We use an online database & waiting list  for administration
  • you can share out jobs between your team
  • collecting subs etc is done centrally


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