Light up the Forest- report

Once again we were blessed with cold, clear  dry weather and had a great time at De Kluis.  Around 200 people from 1st Brussels, Central Brussels and 1st Waterloo joined us and enjoyed the BBQ provided by the Explorer unit.

Some of the intrepid Explorers had walked to De Kluis on Friday, built a shelter during the day and were planning to sleep out despite freezing temperatures!

Members had made lanterns in advance and we went for a walk around the dark forest paths before making our way via the chapel  to the fire, where Conrad entertained us with a poem about a very cheap tree, which grew tall and beautiful. Jeff then lead us in lively camp-fire songs. Six of our new scouts were ready to be invested  and once the singing was over the fire made  a very memorable venue.

During their walk  beavers and cubs played a lighthouse game in the dark. Just being out at night in the forest is an adventure particular for the younger ones, many of whom live in the city.

We had a small display about climate change and the sustainable development goals, which we are working on this year.   We chose new key cords from recycled PET bottles,  and we chose not to buy new glow- sticks but use reusable battery lights instead. Scouts had a session making lantern lights from button batteries and LED’s, which were much brighter than a glow stick, and were taken apart afterwards, to be reused later. We’d also decided not to use disposable paper/plastic plates and cups and ask everyone to bring their own. Quite a few people forgot, so the reusable glasses were washed up frequently during the evening! Let’s hope bring your own  becomes a habit!

Half the profits from the BBQ will be given to charity, we’ve had a number of nominations and sections will be voting next week on which  good causes we will support this time.

A big thanks to everyone who helped !







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