Beaver Scouts age 6 and 7 years

Beavers is great fun and we have a lot of young people waiting for a space.  Could you join our Wednesday or Friday Beaver team and help us offer more young people the chance to join us for a great scouting experience?

You don’t need prior experience of Scouting- you just need to enjoy being with children and be willing to help!

Most of our leaders are parents and 90% of them weren’t leaders before coming to Brussels. We also welcome other adults who would like to help. If  you’d prefer to work with an older age group, or behind the scenes that is also possible.   Like any expat group we have a constant changeover in leadership as people move away, so we welcome newcomers.  We can offer you an opportunity to visit a  meeting, to see what happens, before you commit to anything.

You can find out more about scouting on the Scout association website.   If you do take up the challenge, there is both online or face to face training available and other leaders to help and support you locally.  We follow all the relevant scout association procedures for safeguarding  young people, which means all leaders undertake clearances.  Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Young people are always welcome to sign up, we accept new members at the start of every school term.  How long you may need to wait depends on which section you wish to join, and on which evening.

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