Grand Prix 2019 with Central Brussels and Waterloo

We held our annual Grand Prix this Saturday together with Beavers and Cubs from Central Brussels and Scouts from 1st Waterloo.. The WSJ team were also present to delight us with bacon butties and colourful and tasty cakes, which they were selling in aid of their upcoming US trip.

Once again the Beavers had been very creative with their lego cars, which came in all shapes and sizes.

Cubs had been busy in their meetings and at home, using the BSA kits and turning them into all kinds of designs. Waterloo Scouts had also made wooden cars and Skip had even made a motorised version! Unfortunately his fan-proprelled design wouldn’t fit under the finish gate when the motor was running.  Cubs and Scouts had separate races with the 3 winners of each age group having a final race off. The cubs won!

We had trophies for race winners and certificates for many design categories. Every participant who spent time and effort making a car has also ticked off some badge requirements.

Congratulations also to one of our Beaver leaders, Maria, who received her wood beads, as she completed her leader training.


A big thankyou to everyone who turned up to race and the volunteers who helped make this a day to remember.

More pictures will be added to the gallery as we receive them.



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