Clearances for camp 2018

If you wish to attend an overnight event, there are certain procedures the UK scout association require which also help to safeguard your child.

All adults will need to fill in an Adult Info Form occasional helpers 2017 so that you can be entered onto the scout association database ‘Compass’.

For those who have lived in the UK after their 10th birthday please see Clearance-for-a-UK-parent-attending-overnight-events-2 Please  also see the document below about which documents you need to provide to be cleared under the UK system. Please note: The UK Scout Association doesn’t accept DBS clearance certificates from any other source.  It can take a minimum of 3 months to process a clearance!

What information will I be required to include on my Disclosure form

All adults whether or not they’ve lived in the UK will also need to show us a local clearance

All adults* should obtain a local clearance from their commune ‘certificate bon vie et moeurs model 2’ ‘uittreksel uit het strafregister model 2’. * Certain categories eg military and diplomatic families who are not registered with the commune in the same way, cannot obtain this. Please let us know if that is the case.

The group will send confirmation we’ve seen this to UK HQ at Gilwell  who keep records on their database Compass..* If you showed us a local clearance prior to 2016 we may need to see it again (or a new copy) so that we can fill in the local form, as this is a new procedure.

The UK requires us to renew adult clearances every 5 years. We will contact you when a renewal is required. We usually keep the records for 5 years unless you leave the group or tell us you no longer require a clearance.

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