Holidays and Vikings

It’s half term, and while many of you have sailed away for the duration, a few of us do remain in Brussels.

So what to do? How about completing another FOSonFire challenge?

After all what scout doesn’t like a nice fire? We don’t normally burn effigies of our scouting rivals, but when challenged to organise a viking funeral for them, why not!

So we built a mini viking ship, (a real one wouldn’t fit) and a ‘guy’ from ‘kamp noord’ and proceeded to give him a real send off complete with swords, shields and ‘authentic’ Viking garb. No helmets with horns for us, because real vikings never wore them…viking ship and 'guy'

No scouting fire would be complete without renditions of  ‘vikings burning, vikings burning’, ‘Oh you’ll never get to heaven’, and ‘Charlie had a pigeon’.  Burning brands (sparklers), hot chocolate and cookies ended this rousing send off.16

For more pictures, to which FOS kindly added music, and to help us gain extra points in the FOSonFire challenge, please visit First Brussels entry on their website and click on the yellow like button above it.

For those of you have gone ‘a viking ‘ (gone abroad in search of adventure) and are currently whizzing down mountains, there are winter sports badges available for Scouts and Explorers

For those who  are at home, why not have a look at the various activity badges which can be found for each section Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers

And don’t forget to get your cars ready for the Group Grand Prix on Saturday February 20th.

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