1st Brussels History

The earliest British Scout group in Belgium was in Brussels in about 1910 and was run by H. Parfitt who later became the first Chief Scout of Belgium. The early British records were lost so we can’t be 100% sure if there is a link between this group and 1st Brussels, however our earliest registration records date to 1924, and show us meeting at the same place; Holy Trinity Brussels, then called Christ Church.  This means more than 80 years of British Scouting in Brussels.

Recently we met a 1st Brussels Scout from 1935-1940, some of his photo’s are in our Photo’ Gallery, he also gave us a list of notable events during his time:

1935-1939 (HQ Basement of Square de L’Industrie)

  • Scout evening at Christ Church hall: ‘the wives of King Henry ‘ to raise funds.
  • Invitation to British Boy Scouts in Antwerp, slept aboard a small cruiser belonging to the Sea Scouts.
  • Troop Activities: Ambulance efficiency, Repairing toys for Christmas tree, Guide/interpreter to British scout troop from Leeds, Waterloo, special church built in steel, meeting with Eclaireurs Français.
  • Camps: Remouchamp, Corbion, Domaine D’Argenteuil,  World Jamboree in Holland Vogelenzang 1937.
  • Parade: Special march past of all the Belgian scouts in the presence of HRH King Leopold III at the Royal Palace. 1st Brussels led the parade followed by the Eclaireurs de France.

1939/40 (HQ Rue Joseph II garage)

  • Events: Christ Church service attended by Anthony Eden (foreign affairs minister) who presented the colours; a Union flag and a green and yellow 1st Brussels flag (which is still in use today).


  • 10th May 1940 “General dispersion”.
  • July 1940 relocated to Mont de Marsan (Landes).
  • Diverse activities for British Scouts, refugee committee and Red cross. Active as dispatch riders.
  • Interpreter for St John Nurses who had an ambulance and a Bedford Truck.

If you were a  member of our group and have photo’s, documents or stories please drop us an email on web@firstbrussels.be

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