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Blog | Our Squirrel Drey opened in April 2022
01/07/2022 By Helen Williamson


Our first term of Squirrels is successfully completed and it was fun! For those who don't know, Squirrels is a new section in British scouting, taking children aged 4 & 5 years. That means a brand new programme, although many of our classic scouting games work well. There were some unique challenges here- as almost all our Squirrels speak 2 and sometimes even 3 languages.. so some aren't very confident in speaking English, even if it is their mother tongue. Of course some Squirrels are shy anyway so it's not easy to work out which at first. It is important that they understand the language as we do a lot of story based activities.

Most of our members came from different schools, so didn't know each other before, but it is always good to meet new friends
On Saturday 11th June we invested 10 Squirrels and 2 Sectional assistants. In the gallery are a few pictures from our first term, we made mini campfires, played with the parachute, built dens, explored the woods, read stories, celebrated the Uk Queen's jubilee, became detectives, and hunted lost elves in the park.

We have over 25 Squirrel age children on our joining list for September already, although not enough space and adults to take them all. Please do take a look at the Squirrel pages and see what type of thing they get up to, and how you could help.