We have 3 cub packs, and every year we run some events together like the five aside tournament, kubkar finals and district camp. Cubs are aged 8-10.5 years
Cubs often play games and make things.
We also work on all sorts of badges, there are lots to choose from.
We go camping and do firelighting and other activities several times a year.
The cubs in the picture were taking part in the Cheeky Monkey Challenge to raise money for children with leukaem

We currently have 2 active Cub Packs; Mountbatten (Wednesdays) and Churchill (Thursdays) operating in the Tervuren area.

Main aim of our Cub Scout group is to have fun, and give the children an environment to meet others and enjoy different activities following the British Scout system.

Each week each pack runs a meeting following Cub Scouting format with games and activities on various subjects, which we conduct both indoors and out.

We aim to follow the Cub Scout framework, which sees our Cubs progress by getting both challenge and activity badges, to reward and motivate them to experience different things. Current challenge areas are promise, community, fitness, creative, global, outdoor and culminating in the Chief Scout Silver Award. We also focus on the traditional Scouting skills such as navigation, knots and generally enjoying the outdoors.

We also give the Cubs camping experiences over 2 weekends a year.

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To make it easier to find here is a picture of where to put your badges, including the FOS Open Scouting ones.

cub-uniform2015Click on the picture for a larger version!

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