Group Bonfire & BBQ 5th November 2016

To celebrate bonfire night we held a scout social event for the whole family at De Kluis.  dscn1366 dscn1359 dscn1368

A lot of people were away for half term but around 100  came along to enjoy burgers and hotdogs and a big bonfire.

We aren’t allowed fireworks in the woods so in addition to the fire we had some games involving glow sticks. The balloon shaving proved very messy and  glowstick hoola hoop was also quite a challenge. Most popular with the younger sections was the glowstick treasure hunt in the woods, with as a prize a glow bracelet each. Some young people went around collecting tokens several times. As usual the scouts and Explorers enjoyed the lazertag  games

Lights and music added to the atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who helped out by preparing, cooking, serving food or drinks, cleaning or bringing wood etc.

Fun at the Grand Prix , Balloon Bath and Dancing

We had a great time at this annual event, which this year had a few added twists due to the 2 challenges we were attempting.  Beavers were racing their homemade Lego cars while cubs and scouts had spent time working on their ‘pinewood derby’ cars competing to be the fastest or to win one of the design prizes. In total we had around 100 racers and 5 design categories for each age group. Everyone who took part can also tick of parts of their challenge awards.

Mountbatten cubs had baked cookies to sell for Water aid as part of the million hands challenge. They raised €108.64 for the charity.

During the day we also took part in two of the FOSonFire challenges, building a giant balloon bath for the Beavers and getting at least ‘100 people’ involved in dancing the ‘Polonaise.’  The balloons were a great hit with the Beavers so thanks to everyone who helped blow them up! It takes a lot of balloons to fill a space approx 3m x 3m x 75cm.

These and other challenges we did during meetings have been filmed and if you visit our challenge page and click on ‘like’ you will help us gain points both for the group and our FOS region.  A few of the films didn’t quite work as expected and couldn’t be included this time, but we had enough to gain the maximum points for these tasks and we hope you had fun taking part.

There are prizes to be won by the top 4 groups and for creativity.

There are more pictures in our Gallery– and if you took pictures please ask your section leader for details of how to upload them, so we have a complete record from the event.

A big thanks to everyone who helped prepare, set up, supervise, or clear up and of course well done to all our participants!

Visiting Tervuren Police – Op bezoek bij de politie

A biCubs at the Police station- 2g thanks to the Tervuren Police for having Mountbatten cubs to visit this week.  The cubs had great fun and learnt a lot about what the police do and how to get help in an emergency..handcuff demo - 3

The cubs tried on some handcuffs, which were very heavy and too big for children. They fitted Panda better, but luckily she only had to wear them as a demonstration. Everyone also wanted to try on the officers bullet proof vest and a police helmet. We also got to look around the police vehicle and even turned on the siren!

There are more pictures in the gallery


Bedankt aan de politie van Tervuren, die onze welpen zo’n mooie onthaal bezorgde. De welpen leerden veel over wat de politie doen en over hoe ze hulp kunnen krijgen bij noodgevallen. Er was een kans om diverse politie-uitrusting aan te trekken, zoals de kogelvrije vest en helm, en ook om de combi te bekijken. Wij hopen natuurlijk dat geen enkele welp de handboeien in het echt zal moeten dragen! Maar misschien dat er eentje later voor een carrière bij de politie zal kiezen.

1st Brussels Grand Prix Saturday March 15th.


Lego races

Lego races

Traditionally at this time of year various sections of 1st Brussels Scout Group have built and raced Cub Cars, organised on a section by section basis.  This year was different with all races taking part on one day.  Beavers raced specially adapted Lego cars. Cubs, scouts, Explorers and a few keen adults built and racing Cub Cars. There were a lot of very creative cars entered.


Our World Scout Jamboree team:  Sam, Thomas, Sarah and Michael sold cakes and old camp badges to help raise funds for their trip to Japan. Thanks to all who bought something, they made over €300 which is great!

Thanks also to all who helped, especially the Explorers who moved a lot of furniture, the event team and all the leaders and parents who helped on the day.

There are a lot of pictures from Saturday on our separate gallery. This is password protected, please contact your section leader or our GSL if you need the password!

Thanks for making this a fantastic fun event!





Virtual Camp Blanket

Just as a bit of fun – some of our Brussels camp badges! Many of them were designed by cubs and show a lot of creativity.
We have a few spare camp badges left which we are happy to sell within the group for €1 each to help you decorate your blankets… ask at the next group event.

Sixers and Seconders Cub Camp, November 2013

Our sixers and seconders had a fun and challenging weekend at De Kluis.  1st Brussels cub packs (Mountbatten, Mountgomery and Churchill) were joined by the Waterloo pack, the The Hague Pack and the Telstar Luxembourg  Pack.

It was nice to see cubs interact and move outside of their packs, especially the 4 girls who formed a tight group towards the end of the weekend.  On Saturday our sixers and seconders were really challenged to develop and practise their leadership skills on the different bases: kim’s game (memory game), pitch a tent, survival (which items are the most important), knots, stretcher, first aid, pack a rucksack and blindfold rope trail.

Other activities included a Cluedo nightgame, a smugglers wide game, a mystical nighthike in the full moon and a campfire filled with songs and laughter.

 Panda (Mountbatten)

Cub Car Finals!

A picture tells a thousand words; so let me take the opportunity to keep quiet and show you…

The Vehicles

Cub Cars – mid race!

The proud winners; Well done Cubs!

Haynes manual anyone – for Scouting?

The UK Scouts website tells us that a brand new, hands-on book of Scouting skills launches this month.

The Outdoor Adventure Manual: Essential Scouting skills for the Great Outdoors is ideal for any adult or young person wanting to improve their outdoor know-how. Introduced by Bear Grylls, this inspirational manual is just as useful planning a day’s hike as camping in the back of beyond.
Going further than any previous book, there are sections on survival, wild camping, knots and lashing and first aid advice approved by the Red Cross.

Featuring over 30 outdoor projects including how to build a tepee and A-Frame shelter, plus step-by-step guides to a range of key backwoods skills such as navigating, camping, fire lighting and cooking, it is backed by hundreds of colour photographs. Content includes:

  • Camping: tents, wild camping, shelters, planning and packing.
  • Food: wild plants, foraging, fishing, backwoods cooking, outdoor ovens.
  • The world around you: geography, environment, weather and wildlife.
  • Navigation: using the sun and stars, maps, compasses and GPS.
  • Fires and firelighting: quite simply all you need to know.
  • Knots untangled: knots, lashings and pioneering projects.
  • Safety and first aid: dealing with emergency situations.

Available from at a special Scout price of £14 (RRP £21.99)

Our Dr Who Camp, the TARDIS and the Doctor

Some of you might remember the 2009 District Camp which was held in De Kluis, the Doctor Who theme?, yes that’s the one.

It was a great camp on a lovely weekend in May and we had many Whovian activities (it’s a word, look it up!). To make the event memorable two dads from 1st Brussels and 1st Waterloo decided to build a TARDIS (and one of them accidentally bought a Dalek, when scouring the Internet looking for an authentic police box light; well, that’s what he told his wife).

To remind you of what it looked like, here are a few pictures of the camp, the TARDIS being built and also the accidental Dalek.

The camp was a great success and afterwards the TARDIS was boxed up and travelled around the world with one of the builders; eventually ending up in the United States, where it attracted the attention of some local Doctor Who enthusiasts who were organising a convention. The star of the convention was Peter Davison, the fifth incarnation of the Doctor.

Peter wanted to see his old ship and his arch enemy so he popped in to sign both the TARDIS and the Dalek; here are the pictures to prove it.

Lastly here is a short clip of Peter chatting with the accidental Dalek.


Who’d have thought it!