New Scouting Year- vacancies!

As school starts again we also look forward to seeing our members  and welcoming those new to the group!

Most of our activities start the second week of September so everyone can settle into school first.

We still have room for new members in many sections, so please do sign up on our joining in page. We also have a stall at the BSB newcomers event if you want to know more.

Maybe you would like to be one of our new adult volunteers?

All our leaders and helpers are unpaid volunteers and as some of them have moved on we  are  currently looking for adults to help with both Friday Beavers and Friday scouts.

Other sections will also welcome help if a different age group or evening would suit better.

Leaders need to be 18+ and enjoy being with young people and helping them with an exciting programme. We welcome many nationalities,  but you do need to be able to speak reasonable English.  Many of our leaders are parents, but others are welcome too.  Please get in touch with our group scout leader, via the site, or speak to another leader if interested.  Training and support is available.

If a more behind the scenes role is better we also need

  • a person behind the scenes who can look after our equipment and perform basic maintenance, or pass things on to someone who can!
  • someone to look after  uniform orders, storage and pick up by parents. Preferably based in the Tervuren area.

Scouting is fun for both adults and young people. Why not try it!

First response course for adult leaders and assistants

THIS COURSE is full-  we will add anyone extra to the waiting list in case a space becomes available

ISF Summer Fair

On June 15, 2019, ISF Tervuren had their first Summer Fair with much success.

Whilst it was grey and wet at the start of the fair, the sun soon came out and the day was filled with warm sunshine. The air was also scented with the delicious smell of the BBQ and music and lively chatter also completed the atmosphere.

Our Scout Group were invited to help out at the fair alongside their Guiding peers and Phoenix Scout Troop had 17 enthusiastic Scouts working in shifts to help run the 4 games. These were Giant Pick Up Sticks, Jenga, Kerplunk and Pinata washing line.

Admittedly, it was a lot of fun – both for the children who visited the fair as well as for the Scouts who were running these games! Some of our Scouts also went around handing out leaflets which they had made to recruit more young people and volunteers to our Group. Our Phoenix Leaders and a few Beaver and Cub Leaders were also present and did some marketing. Thanks to our Scouts who came up with fantastic slogans and drawings, our troop was able to produce leaflets to recruit more Volunteers and Young People. This was done 2 weeks before the fair during our regular Scout meeting.

The drawings and words were put together to create a 2-sided leaflet which we used at the fair and which will be used in future events as well. It was a great experience for everyone and we all had a very enjoyable day!

Beaver Scouts age 6 and 7 years

Beavers is great fun and we have a lot of young people waiting for a space.  Could you join our Wednesday or Friday Beaver team and help us offer more young people the chance to join us for a great scouting experience?

You don’t need prior experience of Scouting- you just need to enjoy being with children and be willing to help!

Most of our leaders are parents and 90% of them weren’t leaders before coming to Brussels. We also welcome other adults who would like to help. If  you’d prefer to work with an older age group, or behind the scenes that is also possible.   Like any expat group we have a constant changeover in leadership as people move away, so we welcome newcomers.  We can offer you an opportunity to visit a  meeting, to see what happens, before you commit to anything.

You can find out more about scouting on the Scout association website.   If you do take up the challenge, there is both online or face to face training available and other leaders to help and support you locally.  We follow all the relevant scout association procedures for safeguarding  young people, which means all leaders undertake clearances.  Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Young people are always welcome to sign up, we accept new members at the start of every school term.  How long you may need to wait depends on which section you wish to join, and on which evening.

International Camporee 2019

This weekend we had a great time with about 160 scouts from many different nations who all live in Belgium and a few visitors from a Danish group from Luxemburg.

1st Brussels, 1st Waterloo and Central Brussels all had a small contingent of scouts there.

The badge was designed with the help of our scouts. The semaphore message is  ‘hello’, the tracking sign is ‘camp this way’ and the scout with a fire, reminds us of both the bases and the campfire.

There were many activities..  four different bases,  fish cookery, botany, making torches and water games. A campfire with torches, visited by a real viking, was an unusual event. On Sunday a wide game for everyone.

Our Orieenteering Adventure

Last Wednesday, Phoenix Scouts visited a forest in Tervuren (Overijse) for a treasure hunt.

First we were split into separate groups, then we received three sets of instructions and two maps from the leaders. The instructions help you get to the end and find the treasures along the way.

Here’s an example of one of the instructions – ‘Walk 1.78km until you reach a big clearing with a huge tree stump on the far right.’

It was very confusing but everyone was desperate for the treasure (which was Toffee!). Our group got lost several times but everybody made it back in the end, though. I think…

– CG, a Phoenix Scout


Grand Prix 2019 with Central Brussels and Waterloo

We held our annual Grand Prix this Saturday together with Beavers and Cubs from Central Brussels and Scouts from 1st Waterloo.. The WSJ team were also present to delight us with bacon butties and colourful and tasty cakes, which they were selling in aid of their upcoming US trip.

Once again the Beavers had been very creative with their lego cars, which came in all shapes and sizes.

Cubs had been busy in their meetings and at home, using the BSA kits and turning them into all kinds of designs. Waterloo Scouts had also made wooden cars and Skip had even made a motorised version! Unfortunately his fan-proprelled design wouldn’t fit under the finish gate when the motor was running.  Cubs and Scouts had separate races with the 3 winners of each age group having a final race off. The cubs won!

We had trophies for race winners and certificates for many design categories. Every participant who spent time and effort making a car has also ticked off some badge requirements.

Congratulations also to one of our Beaver leaders, Maria, who received her wood beads, as she completed her leader training.


A big thankyou to everyone who turned up to race and the volunteers who helped make this a day to remember.

More pictures will be added to the gallery as we receive them.



First Response Course. 30th March 2019

This course will be run by our regular trainer Kate and satisfies the requirements for the UK Scout Association.

nb 10/2/2019  This course is now FULL, I will be sending confirmations details of venues etc around 18/2

If you sign up after 10/2/2019 you will only get a place if someone drops out, but with your permission I would contact you when we next plan a course

Thanks for your help!


As Christmas comes up we would like to thank everyone for their help and support throughout the last year.

A special thanks to the schools who have given us extra help by hosting events, or in promotion or fundraising. .

BSB and ISF who host our weekly meetings and open their schools to us for other events & promotion. For example we recently had a stall at the BSB Christmas fair and will also be visiting the Pantoloons Snow Queen production with Beavers & Cubs.

This year a team of 9 young people and their leader from scouting and guiding have been working very hard to raise funds for the event of a lifetime the World Scout Jamboree 2019 in West Virginia

A number of  businesses and organisations from outside scouting have given us extra support in this for which our thanks!

Stonemanor who continue to host cake stalls and  bag packing.   And of course all the customers who give generously!

St Pauls Church Tervuren: allowing us to sell cakes

American Women’s Club of Brussels:  allowing us to cater their Halloween event

Delhaize:  Wezembeek-Oppem: hosting bag packing

And of course to all the Scouting leaders, supporters and parents both locally and in the wider district & area, who spend a lot of time making sure we can continue to meet regularly and offer great activities to young people.


Light up the Forest 2018

This year we wanted to make our Bonfire  event at De Kluis bigger and really light up the forest and also raise some money for the 10 scouts and guides from the local British groups who are attending World Scout Jamboree 2019. Thank you to all who helped or  attended we made approx €750 towards their camp fees.

We had  a lantern walk with homemade lanterns, a campfire, a BBQ & great cakes and fruit kebabs for dessert, lazertag, a reflective trail and glowing frisbee games

Many of the young people made lanterns and light displays in advance, many using recycled materials. A lot of work had gone into them. The Beavers had made lovely bottle bugs. Cubs had decorated jars and made square lanterns. Guides had decorated drinks cartons & jars. Phoenix Scout troops LED lit models deserve a special mention and won the Gold award.  Here are a few pictures- although they really don’t do the lanterns justice!